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  The honger OBO area is the core area of Xilamuren grassland and red Nagel is Genghis Khan, the brother ha Saer period built. Experienced the vicissitudes of history is still the mulberry mulberry is still the blessing blessing blessing is the grassland. Is the sacred temple of Mongolia. In times of war, troops each battle to fight will lead to count the number of the Mongol sacrificial red Nagel Obo, through this ritual to pray for longevity bless Mongol armies invincible, to win the war victory.

  Inner Mongolia Ann detai cultural tourism limited liability company to build the honger OBO area, the real recovery during the 13th century Mongol armies and military fortresses. Barracks, the primitive tribes in Mongolia, racecourse and the Nadam Fair venue in the scenic area, can accommodate 2000 people watch watch and Taiwan etc. and complete supporting facilities. By retro Shaman culture reproduction and sacrifice culture mulberry still blessing this mulberry still blessing this mulberry still this bliss, Lama taught culture and Mongolian traditional culture, the Mongolian profound traditional culture to show in front of an audience.

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