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    Xilamuren town red Siegel OBO area unveiled new clothes
    2015-10-04 800

    The honger OBO Damaoqi Xilamuren town is an important attraction. This year, the town of company to introduce investment 180 million yuan of the scenic spot of repackaging and build, on the morning of July 20, dress up a new red Nagel OBO officially put into operation.

    It is reported, the scenic reconstruction projects include: project landscape, performing arts field, gate totem pole, race etc.. Gate of the new landscape for the 13th century Mongol tribes theater tower style, visitors stand under high Dafang old wooden structure of the tower, there will be a kind of exposure period of Genghis Khan of the smoke of war feeling. Line of sight through the tower inward looking, after being a row of mighty Sulu ingot, honger dignified solemn and respectful of the OBO stands tall in the rear. Oboo along the steps on, feel the sacred ritual moment.

    Visitors attended the worship, but also to the interpretation of the 2000 people stand on the field, a by more than 100 people interpret the Armored Cavalry soul & nbsp; grassland blessing "stage show will be staged. Grand music and large-scale scenes, reproduction Mongolia tribe for relatives from the battlefield safe return ritual scene. 40 minutes of stage play through the ritual of the show, can let visitors deeply and comprehensively understand Mongolian tribe from the Shaman culture to hada to cultural evolution of Aobao culture, to really understand the origin and inheritance of Mongolian culture.

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