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    The mysterious shaman sacrifice
    2015-10-04 731


       The origin of Mongolia national customs Oboo has been long, the sacrifice is rich in content. Mongolia national Shamanism sky. In the eyes of the Mongols is indeed a supreme God is "longevity days", Mongols gave it great powers.

        Worship OBO offerings are: sheep (sheep), milk food, oil and food, fried rice, sugar, fruit, candy, and, all the offerings with pre placed on the altar.

        Worship began, first is by wearing a cassock, holding a variety of Buddhist Lama chanting "Taiping jing". Then officials, elders, and participants in front of the OBO held their palms together, to the OBO salute said worship, sacrifice and make sacrifices to the ancestors and pray to God to grasslands to bring happiness, peace, good weather, booming livestock. Finally all Aobao festival in people from left to right around the OBO turn three times, will hada, coins, wine, laid on top of the Obo, and picked up stones added at the top of the OBO.

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