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    Competitive performance of blood
    2015-10-04 731


        Festival, in the vicinity of the OBO held "Nadam" event, to carry out the traditional Mongolian wrestling, horse racing, archery project, presided over the religious activities of the elderly for the players awarded prizes.

     "The Nadam" is a Mongolian, also known as "the Jardim (Nair)", "Mu" is a transliteration of Mongolian, meaning "fun and Games", to express the joy of harvest of love.

      The "Nadam Fair" is a long history of traditional festival of the Mongolian, Nadam originated in the Mongol Khanate at the beginning of the establishment, early in the year 1206, Genghis Khan was elected as Genghis Khan, he, in order to review their forces, maintenance and distribution of grassland, every year in July to August held "suddenly force leather" (party), the various tribal chief called together, as a sign of unity and friendship and pray for a harvest celebration, held Nadam. At first, only one game of archery, horse racing or wrestling. To the yuan, Ming, archery, horse racing, wrestling match, a fixed form. Later, Mongolia people also referred to as the three movement of nadamu. In the lives of the people of Mongolia, an important position. The nadama Fair held each year in July and August, livestock fat season, is people to celebrate the harvest and held Entertainment Conference. "Nadamu", Mongolian means of entertainment or game. "The Nadam" the Congress on the thrills of horse racing, wrestling, archery of admirable, call to chess, spectacular dance. Horse racing is one of the most important events in the general assembly. The start of the game, the riders lined up, all wearing colored belts, touchan color towel, filled with the vitality of youth. Race start and end in a bright colored flags, a horn blew. Riders then divergent swirling body saddle, cemayang flogs, temporary red scarf fluttering, like a volley of arrows. To reach the end, become one of the most popular prairie praise athletes. Archery, wrestling and other games also attract a large number of herdsmen.

       1, wrestling: wrestling is a family favorite sports activities in Mongolia, is also the indispensable event naadam. "Burke said Mongolian wrestling o Bayilede call", "Bo Keqing said as a wrestler". Mongolia has its own unique style of clothing, rules and methods, so it is called Mongolia style wrestling.

      2, horse racing: Mongolia plateau rich famous Mongolia horse, can run Shanzhan, strong endurance. Since ancient times, the Mongols to the horse has special feelings, Mongols grew up on horseback grew up, to own a horse running good horse proud.

       3, archery, archery is one of the Mongolian traditional "three items of the project, but also the Nadam earliest activities. Mongolia archery, archery, shooting nearly three from 25, 50, 100, step step step points.

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