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    Xilamuren grassland, with the Sino Mongolian border line and open to Mongolia Mandula port, here is not only fired the first shot in the Anti Japanese armed forces of the people of Inner Mongolia, is the prairie hero little sisters home, not only have a vicissitudes of Ao Lun hematoxylin City, also has a continuous development of Xilamuren grassland tourist area. This area will be presented a more Mongolia nationality characteristic red Siegel OBO tourism scenic spots.


    First,Ann detai company directors inheritance to Mongolian grassland culture and gleaning non material cultural heritage, in order to better inherit and carry forward the traditional Mongolian culture to create a red Nagel OBO area.


    Second, according to the years of visitors statistics and psychological survey, 80 percent of tourists in Xilamuren grassland called River scenic area attractions and time arrangement is not very satisfied, so we according to the psychology of tourists and create novelty and strange, unconventional, more Mongolian traditional culture and folk characteristics of the red Geer OBO area. So that more visitors can learn about the traditional culture of Mongolia. Including the Shaman culture, Oboo culture, traditional folk culture of Mongolia nationality, Lama chanting ritual culture etc.. These characteristics of the project is more to enhance the function and effect of the existing tourism products, so the way to improve the tourist satisfaction, we carefully build the cultural connotation of the honger OBO area is very necessary.


    Third, we only have Inner Mongolia HongGeEr Oboo is the most traditional Mongolia nationality Shaman culture scenic spot. There are some differences in the tourism industry in the South and the north, however, the tourism in the north is gradually developing and expanding. Under the strong support of the government we want to create a red Nagel OBO Xilamuren grassland is one of the highlights, become the brand attractions.


    Fourth, the tourism market in recent years, various travel agency competition pressure is very large, most of the travel agency can only from the price competition with each other as a means, this is single not competitive, so we are in order to create a new profit point to more travel, on the other the under the premise of the original market activities in order to increase the honger OBO area, making travel agency no longer in the relatively simple means of price competition, but on the function and significance of tourism products to make improvements. From the point of view of tourists themselves are very satisfied, not only to play a happy, more to the traditional culture of Mongolia has a more in-depth understanding and respect, from the perspective of travel agents can get more profits, so as to expand the market and benefit from our point of view we are in the reservation, perfect, and heritage of Mongolia, which we are proud of the traditional culture, the whole world, forever.

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